International Energy Policy 
- between war and climate change -

With the Russian attack on the Ukraine, energy policy has received another huge boost in visibility and urgency. While the three constituents of energy policy (economics, sustainability, security) have been in the political and public discourse for many years, the dramatic consequences of the Russian warfare affect Western Europe in ways, experienced and suffered so far only in far distant world regions. We are therefore brutally forced to re-think our energy policy and to re-balance the triangle of affordable energy, environmentally neutral energy and secure energy supply. Amidst the threats of cold and dark winters on the one hand and a neglect of fighting climate change on the other hand, this seminar analyses the character of energy policy, the application of international relations theories and the practical question of how to shape energy policy for the future to meet all (conflicting) demands in this field.
seminar may be of interest to students from related disciplines, such as law, economics and environment.

The seminar was already held in the summer semesters 2007 and 2023 as well as in the winter semesters 2007/08, 2013/14, 2015/16 and 2020/21.

More information about the seminar contents, such as references and links, can be found here.